A Guide to Pairing Wine with Your Christmas Dinner

How do I pair my Christmas day dinner?

  1. Wines to Serve with Starters
  2. Wines to Serve with Ham
  3. Wines to Serve with Chicken
  4. Wines to Serve with Turkey
  5. Wines to Serve with Duck
  6. Wines to Serve with Prime Rib
  7. Wines to Serve with Shellfish and Seafood


Christmas dinners are one of the highlights of the season and are the perfect time to pour out new wines to create unforgettable culinary experiences for you and your family.

Take this time to sample new bottles with your dishes! If you’re looking for recommended choices to complement your holiday meal, then look no further. Here at Ralph’s Wine & Spirits, we’ve put together our guide on wine pairings for Christmas dinner. From starters to prime rib to roasted duck, we’ve got you covered with some great picks. Read on!


Wines to Serve with Starters

Sparkling wines like the Henriot Brut Souverain are always perfect for starters. Whether it’s a simple spread of cheese and dry-cured meats or a complicated paté, this wine makes an ideal pairing for your pre-dinner meal. They work well with starters because they have light yet vivacious profiles, which is a refreshing way for starting a feast without feeling too full too quickly. A crisp white wine like Bolla Pinot Grigio is also a good alternative.


Wines to Serve with Ham

Wines to Serve with Ham

Christmas hams are often baked, smoked, and honeyed dishes that are extremely rich. This kind of meal begs for wines with a hint of sweetness, lighter bodies, and a slight bite of acidity to cut through the rich flavor of ham. Or, you could also go with pairings with more body and richer palate to increase pairing presence. If you’re planning on serving up some ham, we highly recommend the following wines:


Wines to Serve with Chicken

White meat like chicken, as a rule, pairs well with white wines. But, the sauce and seasoning you use greatly affect the flavor of your dish. So, we recommend matching the intensity of your chicken dishes with the intensity of your wine. Here are some great wines to have with different kinds of chicken recipes:


Wines to Serve with Turkey

Wines to Serve with Turkey

Turkey, on its own, is a fairly straightforward pairing partner (usually recommended with a medium to dark-bodied red). But, turkey is never served solo. It comes with herb-filled stuffing, roasted veggies, rich sauces, and savory sides. This is what you should consider when pairing a bottle of wine with a turkey dish.


Wines to Serve with Duck

Duck has a different flavor profile than turkey and chicken. It’s distinctly fattier than the others and has an innate gaminess of the meat. French wines are the classic pairing for a variety of duck recipes. Roasted, smoked, and braised ducks are often enjoyed with a good red wine from the Burgundy or Bordeaux region. Though, if the duck is served with a fruit-based sauce, it may be suitable to shift to a white wine like a Riesling or Gewurztraminer.


Wines to Serve with Prime Rib

Wines to Serve with Prime Rib

Prime rib, one of the richest Christmas classics we know and love. The texture of the meat and their high ratios of protein and fat are what make them go great with a variety of red wines. Bold, rustic, spicy, refined — nearly every red wine flavor profile you can think of can mix with a slice of prime rib and bring out interesting pairing nuances. We don’t recommend using white wines for this dish, as they have a hard time keeping pace with the flavors of prime rib.


Wines to Serve with Shellfish and Seafood

Shellfish like oysters and scallops, or seafood like salmon and shrimp are also popular choices for Christmas dinners. For these, we recommend light, refreshing, and fruity white wines to complement their gentle sweetness and plump textures. Red wines are harder to pair for these dishes.


Key Takeaway

Whether you’re going traditional with a three-course dinner, cooking up a seafood feast, or making duck the star of the show, knowing the recommended wine pairings for Christmas dinner is what will help you tie your feast together.

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