Stoli Premium Vodka 1L
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Stoli Premium Vodka 700ml
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Stolichnaya Gold Vodka 700ml - Ralph's Wines & Spirits
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Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka 750ml
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Belvedere Vodka 700ml - Ralph's Wines & Spirits
Absolut Blue 1L

Absolut Blue 1L

Stoli Cucumber Vodka 750ml
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Stolichnaya Ohranj 750ml
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Stoli Premium Vodka 500ml
Stoli Blue 100 750ml
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Stoli Hot Vodka 750ml
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Stoli Razberi Vodka 750ml - Ralph's Wines & Spirits
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Stoli Blueberi 750ml
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Stoli Elit Vodka 700ml
Absolut Mandarin 1L
Absolut Blue 750ml
Stoli Citros Vodka 750ml
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Stoli Vanil Vodka 750ml
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Stoli Gluten Free Vodka 750ml
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Russian Standard Platinum Vodka 700ml
Russian Standard Original Vodka 500ml
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Russian Standard Imperia Vodka 700ml
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Absolut Vanilla 1l
Absolut Raspberri 1l
Absolut Pear 1L

Absolut Pear 1L

Absolut Pear 750ml
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Absolut Mango 1l
Absolut Mango 750ml
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Absolut Mandarin 750ml
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Absolut Kurant 700ml
Absolut Kurant 1L
Absolut Citron 700ml
Absolut Citron 1L
Absolut Apeach 1L
Absolut Apeach 750ml
Stolichnaya Gold Vodka 1L
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Stoli Premium Vodka Mini 50ml
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Stoli Peachik Vodka 750ml
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Stoli Strasberi Vodka 750ml
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  • Ralph's Wines & Spirits: Offering the Best Vodka in the Philippines

    Vodka is one of the most popular drinks in the world — a title it has held for many decades. Due to its popularity, there are more than a few brands of vodka in the Philippines to choose from. While there are more kinds available than you could reasonably taste, Ralph’s Wines & Spirits offers two brands that are known for being consistently excellent.

    Characteristics of Good Vodka in the Philippines

    Experts say that “good” vodka is not entirely dependent on its price. Rather, quality brands of vodka in the Philippines produce an enjoyable drinking experience. They do not give a burning sensation, are usually smoother, and are distilled meticulously.


    When considering taste, price, and availability, Stolichnaya comes out as one of the best vodka brands in the Philippines. The spirit is distilled four times, filtered through quartz sand and birch-activated charcoal, and blended with artesian water before bottling. From this process, Stolichnaya creates a slightly alcoholic smell, highlighted by notes of warm grain. Its taste is bright and airy with an initial bite.

    Despite their meticulous methods, the price of Stolichnaya in the Philippines falls under ₱1,000. As such, Stolichnaya is a great example of quality Russian vodka that is still affordable.


    Belvedere comes from one of the world’s longest operating Polish distilleries. Expert distillers draw from a 600-year history to artfully craft this drink’s extraordinary character. Everything about Belvedere from its distillation to its bottling makes it suit its name — which translates to “beautiful to see”.

    Belvedere is known as a top-class vodka in the Philippines. It is an aromatic vodka with a hint of lemon zest to its taste. It's easy to drink, with a clean entry and a neutral yet fresh finish. Thanks to its smooth finish, it is a joy to sip it neat.

    How to Enjoy a Glass of Vodka in the Philippines

    Vodka in the Philippines can be enjoyed alone, mixed with other drinks, or used for infusing cocktail components. Its versatility makes it suitable for both high-energy parties or classy dinners at home. Here is a short guide on drinking vodka, so you can enjoy this drink in its many forms.

    • Serve Neat

      Serve Neat

      This is the standard way to drink vodka in the Philippines. The best way to drink neat vodka is to buy a good brand of vodka. Store your bottle in the fridge — it has to be as cold as possible. Pour into a glass, about ⅓ of the way. Sip slowly, and let the drink settle into your tongue. If the drink is too harsh for you, you can add some ice to your glass. This will dilute it and make it easier to drink.

    • Make a Cocktail

      Make a Cocktail

      Vodka has a mostly neutral taste, which makes it complementary to most cocktail recipes. Some popular cocktails are:

      ● Screwdrivers: made with orange juice — very simple!
      ● Margaritas: made with lemon, salt, and margarita mix
      ● Cosmopolitans: made with cranberry juice, orange-flavored liqueur, and lime juice.

      These are just a few options you can make easily with vodka in the Philippines, right at your home bars. You can even experiment with different mixes to come up with your own cocktails!

    • Infuse Fruits

      Infuse Fruits

      Watermelon, oranges, strawberries, and other fruits can be infused with vodka and added to your cocktails and pitcher drinks. To do this, cut up your choice of fruit and put them in a sealed jar. Fill this jar up with your favorite vodka brand in the Philippines, and let the fruit soak in the spirits for a few days.

    Buy Top Shelf Vodka in the Philippines from Ralph's Wine & Spirits!

    While there are several expensive bottles out there, price shouldn't be the first thing on your mind when choosing vodka brands in the Philippines. Instead, consider their quality and taste, and how this factors into your enjoyment of the drink.

    For great tasting spirits, take a look at Ralph’s Wines & Spirits vodka collection. We offer premium bottles of Stolichnaya and Belvedere — two brands that are sure to satisfy your palate.