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  • Imported Beer in the Philippines from Ralph’s Wines & Spirits

    Enjoying a beer is one of the most popular ways for Filipinos to celebrate and mingle. It is a social practice that is deeply embedded in our culture, and a thirst for quality beer has led to the rise of imported beer in the Philippines. Nowadays, there is a wide assortment available to the local scene, and Ralph's Wines & Spirits has become the place to get the top imported brands.

    Why is Imported Beer Popular in the Philippines?

    Young and old beer drinkers alike have always loved to partake in imported beer in the Philippines. The reason? The level of distinction that these brands have. Pairing that with the communal and easy-going feeling that comes with the drink, popping open a cold one becomes one of the best feelings in the world. On top of that, they have two qualities that just can't be beaten.

    • Authenticity


      Drinking imported beer in the Philippines gives an excellent drinking experience — which is thanks to their auras of authenticity. When we hold a bottle of imported beer, we know that we're holding a product of painstaking labor and high quality that comes straight from the original manufacturing location.

    • Sophisticated Profiles

      Sophisticated Profiles

      Imported beer is also made by brewers with years of knowledge, skill, and tradition at their fingertips. This breeds the sophisticated profiles that imported beer in the Philippines is known for. When we think of their flavors, we think of one that is refined and subtly layered. Adding onto this is their individuality, which comes from their long history of brewing and refinement. This history and authenticity resonate in their unique flavor profiles.

    What are Ralph’s Wines & Spirits Imported Beer in the Philippines?

    When it comes to choosing a bottle of imported beer in the Philippines, Ralph’s Wines & Spirits encourages their customers to choose those that give more distinct and artisanal flavors for their drinking experience. This is why we take great care in choosing our brands of imported beers.

    • Corona


      The most popular imported beer in the Philippines has its crown for a reason. It has a refreshing and smooth taste that puts it between heavier European and lighter American beers. Corona beer in the Philippines is the refreshing cerveza that you think of when you’re at the beach, or in a sunny backyard, or enjoying a fun night out.

      Made from barley and hops, this beer has a sweet aroma of fruits, honey, and malt. Its fresh and well-balanced flavor makes it a great pairing with just about any dish — Chinese, Mexican, Italian, you name it! And of course, don’t forget to pop a slice of lime into the bottle to truly enjoy Corona as it was meant to be. The lime enhances the overall refreshing citrus flavors that bring the taste to a whole different level. Corona is a great all-around drink for one who enjoys a lively, refreshing, and delightful flavor.

    • Mahou


      Mahou is an imported Spanish beer in the Philippines that is backed by more than 125 years of history and development. The #1 beer in Madrid, Mahou went through great lengths to achieve this spot. Everything about their drinks — from the brewing process to even the bottle designs — has been carefully and lovingly crafted to create one of the best beers on the market. Mahou is so well-loved, it’s the proud sponsor of the world-famous Real Madrid CF!

      The crowning glory of Mahou beer is the Cinco Estrellas, which can satisfy even the most discerning beer drinker. Made from only the best hops and yeast, it has a golden color and an even character. Another prime pick from their product line is the Mahou IPA. This selection opens with refreshing aromas of grapefruit and orange, followed by a clean, malty, and moderately bitter body, and ends with a nice foamy finish.

    • Sapporo


      Sapporo Premium Beer holds the honorable distinction of being the oldest beer brand in Japan. This longevity is a testament to the premium taste quality that has lasted over decades. Sapporo is considered one of the top imported beers in the Philippines. This brand only uses the highest-quality ingredients they can source to give their beers their signature taste. When you pop open a can or bottle of Sapporo, you're greeted with an invigorating and crisp flavor that finishes off clean.

      The original and iconic Sapporo beer in the Philippines is the Premium beer. This is a lager with a more refined and sharp taste than other beers. However, it still retains the brand’s signature finish. This makes it the perfect beer to have after a long day at work, or to pair at dinner with rich and flavorful dishes.

    Buy Your Imported Beer in the Philippines from Ralph’s Wines & Spirits!

    Looking for imported beer in the Philippines? Then Ralph’s Wines & Spirits is your best bet for finding high-quality brands. We ensure that our customers can stock up on drinks that will elevate their drinking experience and that they can enjoy on any occasion. Click here to contact us today!