10 Best Alcohol Gifts for 2021

What are the best alcohol gifts I can give this holiday season?

  1. Stoli Elit Vodka
  2. Glen Moray Single Malt
  3. Cruxland Gin
  4. Hakkaisan Shochu
  5. Dassai Junmai Daiginjo
  6. Urakasumi Junmai Namazake
  7. Bolla Soave-Classico Retro 18
  8. Wente Chardonnay
  9. Montes Pinot Noir
  10. Freixenet Cuvee DS Brut


Gift-giving during the holidays can be fraught with obstacles — wrong sizes, differing tastes, and a lack of pizzaz are common pitfalls. But before you give up and go to the old, boring socks or candles option, we might be able to suggest a great solution for you. Always a crowd-pleaser, alcohol gifts are the best pick for those struggling to find a good present.

We've rounded up some of our recommended bottles. From hostess pleasers to the highest of the high end, we present our list of the best alcohol gifts for this Christmas 2021. Raise a glass and celebrate with the best of the best!


For Spirit Lovers

For Spirit Lovers

Giving spirits can mean giving a loved one a great beverage to enjoy in the comfort of their home, or another option to crack open during a special occasion. Your gift could even give them the opportunity to enjoy new flavors, or another exquisite bottle to display in their collection. For spirit lovers, here are a few treats to offer them this Christmas.


Stoli Elit Vodka

A platinum award-winning spirit, this vodka is regarded as one of the world’s finest vodkas — it’s even been named “Best Vodka 2021”! What better present to give to someone who enjoys this style of alcohol? Stoli Elit Vodka is carefully crafted following a centuries-old recipe and a revolutionary freeze filtration process. The result? A drink that sets a new standard for vodka drinkers everywhere, bringing in extra luxury and handcrafted excellence in a bottle. We highly recommend wrapping one of these up and encouraging your loved one to enjoy it as a simple martini or cocktail.


Glen Moray Single Malt

Mature whiskeys are a great way to show your sentiments for someone dear to you. If your friends and family are fans of whiskey, then this is our pick for you. Aged in only the finest American oak barrels, the Glen Moray Single Malt is a sublime drink that boasts the taste of summer fruits and mellow vanilla. Aged for 12 years in careful conditions, it is a wonderfully balanced spirit, with hints of toastiness, a sweet and floral nose, and a subtle oak finish.


Cruxland Gin

Gin also makes for a great gift for those who like their drinks a bit stronger. Cruxland Gin, made by the renowned winemakers of KWV, is a top choice for gin lovers. This spirit features eight botanicals: juniper, cardamom, lemon, almond, aniseed, rooibos, coriander, honeybush, and the rare Kalahari truffle (a.k.a. the star of the show). This complex blend is an ode to African flavors, resulting in this gin’s unique drinking experience.


Hakkaisan Shochu

For those interested in tasting less common spirits, we recommend gifting them some shochu. Our pick is the Kasutori Shochu from Hakkaisan, which is made from only fresh sake lees from the same brewery. This shochu is matured for over three years, resulting in an exquisitely rich spirit that boasts mellow tastes and an aroma characteristic of Japanese sake.


For Sake Lovers

For Sake Lovers

For a gift brimming with sentimental and cultural value, we recommend some bottles from our sake collection. This drink holds a very prominent spot in Japanese culture, and the burgeoning love for sake worldwide speaks of its quality and tastes. In short, it makes for a great gift!


Dassai Junmai Daiginjo

From Dassai is a brewery that is well-known for their Junmai Daiginjo — which is their specialty, and the only grade of sake they produce. From their selection, we recommend the Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo. This sake is made from high-quality rice that’s been polished down to only 45% of its original form. This extensive process gives the drink a flavorful and fruit-forward taste, smooth texture, and a refreshing finish that will leave its drinker wanting more. Plus, this sake pairs magnificently with a wide variety of hot and cold dishes — including our Koji box! Pair these two selections to make the perfect gift for your loved one.


Urakasumi Junmai Namazake

Namazakes are fresh, unpasteurized sake. And from this grade, we offer the Urakasumi Junmai Namazake. This is a draft sake meant to be enjoyed as soon as possible to get the most out of its lively aroma and umami flavors. If your friends enjoy full-bodied drinks with fruit notes and a vibrant feel, then this is the right present for them!


For Wine Lovers

For Wine Lovers

Wine is another great option for a holiday gift. There’s a wide array of wine styles to choose from, which gives you plenty of options. Plus, there’s no pressure for the recipient to drink it immediately — if unopened, then their gift may even improve with some time. Your loved ones can enjoy a good bottle of wine at the time of their choosing.


Bolla Soave-Classico Retro 18

To start, we recommend gifting some of our Bolla Soave wine. Soave means “soft” in Italian, and this wine lives up to that moniker with its soft floral bouquet, delicate notes of citrus and pear. Fun fact: this was Frank Sinatra’s favorite wine! And we can see why. It has a medium-bodied profile, which is harmoniously balanced with its flavors of acacia, lemon, and honey. This is a great aperitif, and pairs well with chicken, fish, and pasta.


Wente Chardonnay

If your gift’s recipient isn’t a fan of sweeter white wines, we recommend this Chardonnay from Wente. An award-winning wine, the Morning Fog Chardonnay is a beautiful expression of the region made from a special fermentation process. Wente’s wine has lemon, graham, and floral aromatics and a vibrant mouthfeel. Its profile has balanced minerality and acidity, making it lingering minerality and natural acidity.


Montes Alpha Pinot Noir

For red wine enthusiasts, we highly recommend giving them the Montes Alpha Pinot Noir. A vintage with great character and deep ruby-red color, it’s an elegant wine through and through. Leading with wild fruit and plum nose, followed by hints of damp forest and flora, it makes for a highly enjoyable pinot noir. It’s also got a spicy-sweet edge from its time spent in French oak barrels. Delicious!


Freixenet Cuvee DS Brut

For fans of sparkling wines, we suggest giving them a good brut wine. Dry, lightly sweet, and crisp, brut wines are highly enjoyable during holiday festivities. Our Freixenet Cuvee DS Brut is sure to delight your loved ones. This cava has an appealing golden color, persistent bubbles, a prominent crown, and the soft fragrance of fruit preserves. The taste is lightly sweet and very pleasant, with toasted notes of fresh bread and honey. Yum!


Key Takeaway

If you’re stuck on what to send your friends and family this year, we’ve got your back. Our list of the best alcohol gifts this Christmas season has got recommendations for every type of alcohol enthusiast. Plus, Ralph’s Wines & Spirits has a wide collection of spirits, sake, wines, and more, so you don’t have to just stick to our suggestions!