Urakasumi Junmai Ginjo Zen 720ml

₱2,475 ₱2,750

First brewed in 1973 by the famous Toji Juichi Hirano, it soon became the symbol of Urakasumi as it provides the best balance between aromas, fragrances and umami. A classic and traditional sake with an elegant style. This is the signature sake of Urakasumi. Clear, pale in appearance. Melon, white lily, mineral, steamed rice on the nose. Medium dryness, pleasant acidity and umami hints, creamy texture with a refreshing finish. Hints of melon, steamed rice, green apple and dried fruits flavors. Pairs well with light dishes, seafood, avocado, quiche, cream cheese. Serve chilled or room temperature (10~25℃).

Rice polishing: 50% / Rice variety: Yamada Nishiki, Toyo Nishiki / Alcohol: 15-15.9% / SMV: +1-2 / Acidity: 1.3-1.5 / Yeast: Self-cultured

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