Urakasumi Junmai Ginjo 12 720ml


This sake is made using our very own Kyokai yeast No.12, discovered by Urakasumi which made the brewery a specialist in the crafting of sakes with elegant ginjo aromas. 

Tasting Notes: Clear, pale in appearance. Muscat, lemon, ripe persimmon, hints of banana and sugar cane aromas. Light, medium dryness, and a higher acidity on the palate. Serve chilled or room temperature (10~25℃).

Food Pairing: Pairs well with light BBQ, spinach and mushroom sautéed, sweet-salty meals. 

Rice polishing: 55% / Rice variety: N/A / Alcohol: 15-15.9% / SMV: N/A / Acidity: N/A / Yeast: Proprietary

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