Tomatin Legacy 700ml


This 2016 relaunch of Tomatin Legacy is a light and special single malt as it is matured in new Virgin oak casks alongside bourbon barrels that give it a softer, more delicate flavor and some bourbon traits. It makes a great gift, especially for people who are wary of whiskies; it might just change their minds and bring them to the brighter side!

The aromatic experience of Tomatin is refreshing with notes of lemon, panatella, and pine forest dissolved in vanilla which pairs splendidly with the flavors of barley sweetness and pepper on the palate. Your overall taste remains more on the sweeter side with distinct notes of pineapple, wood sugars, and what appears to be vanilla ice cream. The finish of Tomatin is well you guessed it right! Sweet and peppery that lingers for some time.

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