Tatsuriki Junmai Daiginjo Akitsu 720ml


Made in brewing conditions beyond perfect, the brewery takes over 100 hours to polish the highest grade of organic Yamadanishiki rice down to 35% (this means 65% of rice is polished away). The rice is then carefully brewed over 3 weeks. After fermentation and pressing process, the sake is bottled then stored under 0 degrees for 5 years. The aroma boasts honeysuckle, musk-melon, pear and apple with freshness even after ageing 5 years. The mouthfeel has a soft, medium rich texture that slowly spreads over the palate with very complex sweetness & dryness crossing over, then finishing dry. The flavor is extremely balanced and subtle. A once in a lifetime sake for all sake lovers.

Rice Polishing: 35% / Rice variety: Yamadanishiki / Alcohol content: 16% / SMV: +3.5 / Acidity: NA / Yeast: #9 / Origin: Hyogo

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