House of Suntory

Suntory Umeshu Yamazaki Cask 750ml


Suntory´s Umeshu Yamazaki Cask is a very special premium fruit liqueur. It matures in roasted oak casks of the famous and multiple award-winning Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky, also from Suntory. This gives it a very subtle and well-balanced taste and surpasses every "traditional" umeshu in taste.  

Umeshu is a popular and traditional drink in Japan, drunk straight, on the rocks or, especially in summer, prolonged with soda water. The Umeshu Yamazaki Cask provides a real explosion of taste in the mouth.

ABV: 17%

Tasting Notes: Wood and vanilla in combination with fruity components of the Umeshu. 

Palate: Almond, apricot and dried fruit round out the balanced taste of this Umeshu.

Finish: Slight notes of the whisky barrel can be detected. 

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