Speymhor Single Malt 40 Years Old 700ml


The 40 Year Old Speymhor Blended Malt is all about smoothness and superlative quality. The entire batch of this delightful Malt Whisky has been matured and aged in finest Sherry butts. This Malt needs the addition of no water and is warming and rewarding and exudes all that is great in the family of Scotch Malt Whisky – truly the crème de la crème and a tour de force.

Color: Rich, dark tones of amber
Nose: Heavy sherry impact from 40 years resting in beautiful sherry casks
Taste: Warm with a depth of character only achieved by many years of ageing
Finish: Gentle flavour that endures and rewards patience – 40 years in the cask deserves 40 seconds in the mouth

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