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Solan De Cabras Sparkling 330ml


Solán de Cabras is from a remote spring in an isolated region of Cuenca, Spain. This spring has been recognized over the centuries by royal decree as a treasured resource. Rainwater and snow in their purest forms descend from the sky upon the mountains filtering through 7 layers of minerals and rock.  

Solán de Cabras does not need chemical treatments as filtered water does, so it' mineral composition and unique properties are always constant and are maintained over time.

Its OPTIMAL CALCIUM-MAGNESIUM RATIO acts as a significant inhibitor of calcium oxalate, the substance responsible for the formation of kidney stones.

The LOW SODIUM CONTENT means that Solán De Cabras is recommended for low-sodium diets for babies and pregnant women. 

RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS. Its microbiological purity makes it a beneficial water at all stages of life.

Origin: Spain 

Mineral Composition: Calcium: 59.4 / Magnesium: 25.6 / Sodium: 5.1 / Chlorides: 7.4 / Bicarbonates: 284 

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