Shinomine Junmai Daiginjo Aiyama 2x720ml

₱3,025 ₱6,050

This sake is made with 100% Aiyama, a special sake rice which is rare and difficult to use for rice brewing. The nose is initially subtle and fruity, and gets more pronounced the more contact with air. Once sipped, the mouthfeel is elegant and smooth with gentle sweetness. Behind the sweetness, a very rich umami sensation lingers with a very smooth and clean finish

The charm of Aiyama blooms with contacting with the air, so drink a little and refrigerate it for a week then taste it. You’ll be shocked by the change.

Alcohol % : 16.2%
Sake Meter Value : +4.0 ( Dry) Acid : 1.8
Amino Acid : 0.8
Food Pairing : Grilled Fish, Beef Steak (Salt & Pepper)

Drink Style: Cold, Room temperature

Rice Polishing Ratio: 45%

Rice Used: Aiyama



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