Sanzen Tokubetsu Junmai 65 720ML


Award-winning brewer Kikuchi Shuzo displays their expertise with this Honour award winning saké. Made from one of the hardest kinds of rice to grow, harvest and brew with, the Omachi rice, this Junmaishu rewards with a strong flavour and aroma distinct to the Omachi rice. Due to the difficulty in utilising this ingredient properly, this saké is brewed with great care and precision, ensuring that each bottle is brewed correctly, creating a rich, full-flavoured saké.

Note: Its use can be extended to cooking, giving the dishes another element of sweet aromatic fragrances.

Alcohol: 15% / Rice Polishing: 65% / Variety: Omachi, Okayama / SMV: +3 / Serve: Cold, Room temperature, Warm.

Matching Food: Grilled meat | Fish

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