Sanzen Junmai Daiginjo Omachi 50 720ML


Made from polishing Omachi rice - the pride of Okayama, to 50% of its weight, this is a premium, luxurious saké with a smooth texture and ample flavour. During the cold season, the skilled brew master hones his artisanal skills while the fermentation continues slowly at a low temperature. The well-balanced, fine taste specific to Omachi rice is a characteristic of this saké. It is a fruity aromatic sake with floral notes and a dry finish. This clean, balanced, and complex saké is best enjoyed chilled.

Region: Okayama / Rice Polishing: 50% / Variety: Omachi / Alcohol16.5% / Serve: Cold, Room Temperature 

Matching Food: Sushi | Pasta | Chinese Cuisine

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