Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz Mataro 750ml


The original Bin 2 was an ‘Australian Burgundy’ style (despite its Rhône varieties) – typically a soft, medium bodied wine based on shiraz. Often used in fortified wine production, this grape is widely planted in the Barossa Valley. 

ABV: 14.5% / Variety(s):  86% Shiraz, 14% Mataro / Region: South Australia

Nose: A first-impressional glimpse of red-fruited high notes - propelling mulberry, damson plums and boysenberry. Following, scents of pastrami (lightly coated in cardamon, rosemary?) and moist slices of silverside sans mustard. Swirling and a little time in glass liberate an ascent of wafts of a deconstructed puttanesca sauce (caper/olive/tomato). Oak barely perceivable.

Palate: From front to back palate, an immediate and gentle softness and freshness. This tactile smoothness/‘creaminess’ invokes an almost velour/felt/velvet/satin mouthfeel. Perhaps ‘custardy/cream sago-like’ tannins and balanced acidity induce this even emulsification? Derived flavours of quince paste and fresh white figs allow a modicum of fruited succulence. Certainly an alternative shiraz and mataro palate package!

Colour: Saturated red core with crimson rim.

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