Old Monk

Old Monk Very Old Vatted Rum 750ml


Rum Old Monk has been around since 1954, when it was first produced by Mohan Meakin Limited, a company based in Ghaziabad, India. The rum is named after the chairman of the company, Brigadier General Kapil Mohan, who was called “Old Monk” by his friends because of how he looked and acted.

If you like rum, you’ve probably heard of Rum Old Monk. People in India love this rich, dark rum and absolutely "eco" product, added no chemical components, it is the Drink of Gods and Lords of India.

Tasting Notes: It taste smooth, and fragrance is caramel - and the consistence is fine chocolate alike, it is suitable to enjoy as a long drink as well as a shot.

Food Pairing: It goes well with spicy dishes, such as Indian curry or Mexican food. It is also a good match for desserts, particularly those with flavors like chocolate or caramel. 

ABV: 42.8% / Country: India

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