Old Monk

Old Monk The Legend Rum Very Old Vatted 1000ml


Old Monk Rum has been the gold standard of Indian rum for over 60 years. This luxury spirit is crafted from the finest sugarcane molasses and aged to perfection using traditional methods. 

Described as a "Very Old Vatted" Rum presented in a bottle shaped like the head of HG Meakin, a British brewing entrepreneur who moved to India in the late 1800s and founded the company that would go on to produce Old Monk.

ABV: 42.8%

Nose: Sweet with a complex Oak, Almond, Caramel and Vanilla note. 

Palate: Fruity and sweet with Butterscotch and sweet Molasses with a hint of Dark chocolate, Black pepper and Sherry casks.

Finish: Intense, full-bodied, warm and soft finish.

Colour: Dark Rum is Deep Brown

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