Maruishi Jozo

Nito Junmai Yamadanishiki 65 720ml


Refreshing aroma, juicy taste, clean aftertaste... Everything is well balanced and nicely put together. You can enjoy it for a long time without getting tired of drinking. Full bodied & complex depth.

Food Pairing: Nito Junmai Yamadanishiki 65 is a versatile sake that offers a wide range of food pairing options. Its clean and well-balanced flavor profile makes it a fantastic accompaniment to various cuisines. Whether it's sushi, grilled meats, tempura, or even cheese, this sake's delicate sweetness and crisp acidity can enhance a multitude of flavors.

ABV: 16% / Rice Polishing: 65% / Rice Variety: Yamadanishiki / Prefecture: Aichi

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