Mori Izo

Mori Izo Shochu 720ml


Mori Izou is a super limited sweet potato shochu brand from Kagoshima; it's highly sought-after and is most often found on secondary markets online. 

Fermented in clay pots and then aged for three years after distillation, this shochu is smooth, mellow, and very refined, softened from years of quiet reflection in its own juices. 

ABV: 25% / Rice Variety:  Koji: White (rice) / Region: Kagoshima, Japan 

Nose: Light floral notes of lavender and butter cookie on the nose - very different from what you may expect from more unctuous and earthy imos out there. 

Palate: Soft and marshmallow-textured, with light caramel, fatty dairy, and a touch of tropical fruit.

Pairing: Drink this ultra-premium offering on the rocks with sliced hamachi sashimi or fresh fruit.

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