Takara Shuzo

Mio Sparkling Sake 750ml


Takara's Shochikubai Shirakabegura Mio (澪) Sparkling Sake is made of only rice, kōji, and water. It is uniquely refreshing, fruity, and balanced with crisp acidity. The character 澪 (mio) evokes images of the delicate foam emerging in a ship's wake, this sparkling sake is a light refresher representing a new wave of Japanese sake.

Tasting Notes: Sparkling and subtly sweet with crisp acidity. Lively aromas of grape and ripe pear rise out of the light effervescence which presents the palate with a gentle sweetness paired with refreshing acidity. A clean finish with a slightly puckering acidity brings to mind the sensation of drinking sparkling white wine.

Best consumed chilled to approximately 10°C in a wine glass or heated to 40°C to enjoy how the warmth adds body, subtly brings out its acidity, and gives it a slightly more pronounced aroma and expanded fragrance.

Food Pairing: An excellent match with lightly seasoned foods and sashimi.

ABV: 5% / SMV: -70 / Rice Variety: Rice (harvested in Japan), Rice koji (made from rice harvested in Japan) Contains carbon dioxide / Origin: Nada, Hyogo, Japan

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