Mifuku Igin Junsei Yamahai Junmai Ginjo 55 720ml


The traditional brand Mifuku, is dedicated to the Yamahai brewing method.  The style is deep, rich and characteristically Shiga. Traditionally sake was made with the style of local cuisine in mind.  Shiga is known for its hearty, salty and often pungent flavours of fermentation which form the backbone of the local diet. Being landlocked, the site of the large Lake Biwa, home to the famous local delicacy Funazushi, a rice-fermented lake fish, the sake required the power to match the strong flavours and aromas of some of the local treats.  The brand Mifuku stays true to the rich style of Shiga sake and is a great companion to fermented flavours from around the world.

Tasting Notes: Combining the refined and fruity aroma of a Ginjo sake made with well-polished Yamadanishiki grown on slopes that surround Lake Biwa, a rich and complex flavour profile developed through the Yamahai method making it an ideal sake to pair with big bold flavours.

ABV: 17% / Rice Variety: Locally grown Yamadanishiki / Rice Polishing Ratio: 55% / Origin: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

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