Masumi Nanago Junmai Daiginjo Nakadori 40 720ml


Nanago (Number Seven) is brewed with local Kinmon Nishiki rice and Masumi No. 7 Yeast in the traditional yamahai style. It is a liquid reflection of the beauty of our mountain home.

Name: Nanago (Number Seven)
Type: Junmai Daiginjo Yamahai Genshu
Yeast: Masumi No. 7 Yeast
Rice: Kinmon Nishiki (Nagano Pref.)
Polishing rate:40% remaining
Alcohol: 15%
Serving temperature:Lightly chilled
Storage: Cool and dark

Tasting Notes:

  • Aromas of ripe bananas, yellow peaches, and hints of cereal. Aroma is a combination of elegance and complexity.
  • Subdued sweetness and a clear, expanding umami.
  • Firm acidity and a tight bitterness form the sturdy bones of the sake, and a slight spiciness enlivens the tasting experience


  • Japanese whiting tempura, fried spring rolls, asparagus goma ae, bamboo shoots stewed Tosa style
  • The ripe banana and spiciness of Nanago make a good harmony with the aromatics of such dishes. The sake’s clear, expanding umami balances well with dashi.

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