Masumi Aka Yamahai Junmai Ginjo 55 720ml


 AKA (Red) is bright on the surface yet deep, brewed as a yamahai for complexity, with subtle fruit and dairy aromas and a refreshing acidity underpinned by savory umami.

AKA, named for the vermillion color of official stamps used throughout Asia, is typical of the yamahai style in that it brings the flavor of rich food into sharp relief, and it pairs exceptionally well with meat and cheese.

Name: AKA (Red)
Type: Junmai Ginjo Yamahai
Yeast: Masumi No. 7
Ingredients: Rice, water, koji, yeast
Rice: Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo Pref.)
Polishing rate: 55% remaining
Alcohol: 15%
Serving temperature: Chilled, room temperature, warm
Storage: Cool and dark

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