Mars Tsunuki Single Malt "The First" 700ml


Single Malt Whisky made in Tsunuki, the birthplace of Hombo Shuzo. Rich and Energetic style. Mars Tsunuki Distillery was launched in 2016 in a small area enclosed by mountains. Here, the company first began producing spirits in 1909, and production has continued for over a hundred years. Mt. Kurata spring water flows here, making up the body of our spirits, and the warm regional climate deepens the flavors of our whiskies. Please enjoy our meticulously made single malt from southern Japan.

Nose: Lemon cake, black tea and a whiff of smoke. Deep sweet aroma like cacao, sweetened bean paste, butter toast and milk candy follows over time. Very complex aroma.

Palate: Bitterness and fruitiness like orangette spreads.

Finish: Long and warming sweetness lingers.

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