Kitaya Zekoo Aged Barley Shochu Over 4 Years 720ml


Top of its class, this shochu is made of choice barley then matured for over four years. The undiluted shochu is matured in both a barrel and earthenware crock to bring out the deep, full-bodied, rich flavor in this Zekoo. The depth of the extensive flavor and aroma will render an ecstasy that will have you saying “This is it!”

Food Pairing: Kitaya Zekoo Aged Barley Shochu, with its deep and earthy notes, is a premium Japanese spirit known for its complex and rich flavor profile of roasted barley, caramel, and subtle hints of vanilla, making it an excellent companion for grilled meats, sushi, cheese, noodles, and roasted vegetables. 

Rice Variety: Barley, Barley Koji / ABV: 37%

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