Kitaya Daiginjo Gokujo Shizuku Shibori 720ml


Kitaya Daiginjo Gokujo Shizuku Shibori is a premium sake renowned for its elegant and complex flavor profile. It often exhibits floral note, such as cherry blossoms or jasmine, along with fruity undertones like pear and melon.

Tasting Notes: The taste is typically refined, smooth and well-balanced with a clean finish. This sake is best served chilled or at a slightly cool temperature to preserve its delicate flavors.

Kitaya’s masterpiece, awarded the Champion Sake at the IWC 2013 in London against 583 other Japanese sakes. Using high quality "Yamadanishiki" rice from Fukuoka and polished down to 35% and fermented in controlled temperature. The IWC praised it as rich and mellow but carrying clear taste with elegant aroma.

Food Pairing: Pairs exceptionally well with delicate and lightly flavored dishes. It complements seafood like sushi, sashimi, and shellfish, as well as dishes like grilled white fish, steamed vegetables, and light salads.

Rice polishing: 35% / Rice variety: Yamadanishiki / Alcohol: 16-17% / SMV: 4.5 / Acidity: 1.2 / Yeast: Proprietary

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