Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Blue Elusive Umami


Elusive Umami is a limited-edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label, crafted from a collaboration between master blender Emma Walker and renowned Japanese chef Kei Kobayashi. Umami is a Japanese word used to identify the ‘fifth taste’, known as a somewhat mysterious, savoury flavour. Only one in 25,000 casks make the cut to become Elusive Umami, chosen to create a harmony of sweet and savoury flavours. Pair this with caviar and you're winning!


Nose Bloody orange, red berries, smoked meat and sweet wood spice.

Palate Pineapple, blackberries, chocolate with caramelized miso.

Finish Spicy, rich and long with a long refreshing saline note.

ABV: 43% / Origin: Scotland

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