Jinyu Junmai Ginjo 720ml


Fine Sake Award [Gold Award, Main Category] in 2017, 2021

Nabedana Jinyu Junmai Ginjō (仁勇 純米吟醸酒) is an affordable table sake with a well-balanced and discreet ginjō aroma and a moderate, full-bodied flavour. A junmai ginjō sake that tastes best chilled. It is produced by Kanzaki Brewery (神崎酒造蔵) in Katori, Chiba Prefecture.

A new standard product with high-cost performance. A well-balanced combination of subtle Ginjo aroma and moderately rich flavor. A Junmai Ginjo sake that is delicious chilled.

ABV: 15% / SMV: =+3 / Rice Variety: Domestic Rice / Rice Polish: 60% / Origin: Chiba, Japan

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