Beam Suntory

Jim Beam White 750ml


Jim Beam White Label is a bourbon of great finesse and subtle nuance, neither light nor heavy, but rather a mellow baritone of a spirit. It is distinctive not because it is different, but because it is perfect. Made from the highest quality ingredients, Jim Beam is the world"s finest bourbon. To drink Jim Beam is not only to taste its full bourbon character, but its rich American heritage.

Nose: Quite sweet with gentle notes of vanilla and cut hay, a touch of fresh corn fields and a little cereal sweetness, like the bluegrass fields of Kentucky.

Palate: Good body with notes of toasty oak and all the requisite notes of vanilla and crème anglaise, a little spice and pepper with an acetone note.

Finish: Toasty oak and resin with some sweetness.

ABV: 40% / Origin: Kentucky, United States

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