Hakushika Junmai Yoshino Taru Sake 300ml


A semi-dry sake, full-bodied, with aromas of cedar aged in Yoshino barrels. Drink using a wooden masu cup. "Yoshino" is named after the Yoshino  Forest in Nara prefecture. Yoshino cedar is a fragrant wood and has been the preferred wood for producing fine Japanese sake barrels called taru.

Rice polishing: 70% / Rice variety:  / Alcohol: 13.5% / SMV: +3

Excellent for matching with stir-fried vegetables flavored with ponzu (citrus and vinegar flavored soy sauce), tofu with green onion, grilled chicken, Asian salads (daikon salad, wakame seaweed salad, sesame flavored green vegetable salad) and fresh, lightly-seasoned fish.

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