Hakushika Ginjo Namachozo 300ml


Brewed with premium sake rice, this sake is matured at low temperatures in an unpasteurized "nama" state. Pasteurized right before bottling, Ginjo Namachozo Sake has a fresh, crisp and refreshing taste. As a fresh style premium ginjo, this sake has an abundance of elegance and flavor. Serving Temperature: Well-chilled, over ice or at room temperature

Food Pairing: Excellent for pairing with sauteed vegetables, meat and fish and flavored with soy sauce and vinegar or sweet and sour sauce. This sake is also an excellent accompaniment with fried oysters, mackerel, steamed sea bream with konbu (Japanese kelp), and ponzu (citrus vinegar) seasoned dishes.

Rice Polishing: 60% / Rice variety: Premium Sake Rice / Alcohol content: 13.3% / SMV: +2

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