Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjo Snow-Aged 8 Years 720ml


Aged in a snow storage room, one of the most ancient methods of preserving Sake, Hakkaisan Snow Aged Junmai Daiginjo 8 years is gently aged with the utmost love and care in the brewery. Unlike traditional aged sake, there is no changes in the colour. It remains clear and water-white, with an extremely elegant and smooth.

Tasting Notes: With an exquisite bouquet, Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjo Snow-Aged 8 Years offers a delicate dance of floral and fruity aromas, reminiscent of cherry blossoms and hints of apricot. The taste is a journey of elegance, unveiling layers of melon and pear, complemented by a subtle sweetness that lingers on the palate. The snow-aged refinement imparts a smooth and velvety texture, making each sip a transcendent experience. This sake’s exceptional aging process contributes to its depth, balance, and a graceful finish, making it a perfect companion for sophisticated occasions and refined pairings

ABV: 17% SMV: +1 / Rice Polishing: 50% / Perfecture: Niigata 

Food Pairing: Pairs excellently with refined and delicate dishes. Consider sushi, sashimi, grilled seafood, lightly seared tuna, chawanmushi, or soft cheeses to complement the clean and complex flavors of this premium aged sake.


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