Gekkeikan Yamada Nishiki Tokubetsu Junmai 300ml


“Tokubetsu” means “special”, and this premium tokubetsu junmai sake has been made using 100% Yamadanishiki rice, famed for its use in high quality sake for the rich flavors and aromas it imparts on sake. This tokubetsu junmai has a delicate floral aroma, a well-rounded palate and a refreshing aftertaste. Light and versatile, this sake is perfectly suited to be enjoyed with meals, either chilled, room temperature, or warm.

Food Pairing: Pairs well with a variety of cuisines and flavors. It harmonizes beautifully with grilled chicken, light pasta dishes, and even creamy cheeses. Its versatility allows for a wide range of food pairing possibilities, enhancing the overall dining experience. 

Rice Polishing: 60% / Rice variety: Yamadanishiki / Alcohol: 14-15% / SMV: +4.5 / Acidity: +1.6 / Body: Medium

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