Drumshando Gunpowder Irish Gin 700ml


At the edge of a lake in a shed in a small Irish town, the ordinary is made extraordinary. Within is the laboratory of PJ Rigney, boundary-pushing begetter of hand-made spirits who slow distills gin with natures finest oriental botanicals and gunpowder tea.

Gunpowder Irish Gin – unique, extraordinary, and as remarkable as the elusive creature PJ has occasionally glimpsed in the fields, the Drumshanbo Jackalope. This flagship creation of the curious mind combines the 8 pots still and 4 vapor infused botanicals collected on PJ’s journey from China back to Drumshanbo, with the fresh citrus, and the ever-intriguing Chinese gunpowder tea.

This is a green tea that has been slowly dried, the delicate leaves then carefully rolled into shiny pellets. The flavour is bold and bright with a slight spicy freshness.

ABV: 43% / Country: Ireland 

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