Don Papa

Don Papa Port Cask Rum 700ml


The Don Papa's Port Cask commemorates the quincentenary of the earth's first circumnavigation, an epic voyage ultimately leading to the landing by the Spanish in the Philippines. Five hundred years ago, Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, was commissioned by King Charles I of Spain to embark on an expedition in search of the Spice Islands. It was an odyssey over the edge of the world that would forever change the course of maritime navigation and history.

Age : 2 years American Ex-Bourbon, 5 years Ex-Port Barrels

ABV : 40

Color : Light amber with hints of red

Nose : Resonant, deep notes of liquorice, polished oak, dark chocolate and muscavado sugar arrive first, followed by zesty blood oranges, ride red berries and a subtle note of fresh vanilla pods

Mouth : Rich and mouth-coating, with huge complexity, notes of toasted oak, cinnamon, arabica coffee and toffee are beautifully balanced alongside a fresh vanilla sweetness, some subtle freshly picked orchard fruit with dusting brown sugar

Finish : exceptionally long, lingering and dry, with fading echoes of dark cocoa powder and hints of dried figs

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