Den-En Oak Barrel Aged Sweet Potato Shochu Envelhecida 3yo 700ml


This sweet potato shochu is a real treat: it took the manufacturer DEN-EN Shuzo 18 years to find the right recipe for the perfect taste for a barrel-aged sweet potato shochu. The result is something to be proud of.

Produced with white koji, Envelhecida matures for three years in toasted oak casks in which whisky was previously stored. The ageing gives the Envelhecida a golden colour and a smooth and fruity taste. Fine whisky notes and the special taste of the sweet potato combine to create a unique and incomparable taste experience. With its 25% vol this shochu is light and round in taste, and also very aromatic.

Due to its lightness, the Envelhecida can be enjoyed very well with food. It goes well with nuts, cheese, smoked fish, dried fruit, and roasted meat. The DEN-EN Envehecida can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks or as a highball with soda.

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