Chiyomusubi Junmai Ginjo 50 720ML


This sake is made with Goriki rice, a famous local variety from Tottori prefecture which ended up being forgotten for a long while after the Second World War. This rice variety brings a very specific umami and acidity to the sake which, as a result, has made it a very popular bottle over the years!

TASTING NOTES: Delicate pineapple sorbet and roses on the nose. It has a balanced acidity with strawberry flavour and an underlying umami and complexity. 

FOOD PAIRING: Sweet and sour pork (subuta); spaghetti with clams; vegetable sticks with bagna cauda sauce. The brewers recommend pairing it with marinated octopus (tako no sunomono), tofu, chicken skewers (yakitori) and daikon stews.

Ingredients: water, Goriki rice (Tottori), koji, yeast

Rice polishing rate: 50% / ABV: 16% / SMV: +5.0

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve chilled (8-12 ºC) or warmed up (40-45 ºC)

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