Casa Sala Can Sala 2005 750ml


The 2005 Familia Ferrer Can Sala sparkling wine has a golden yellow color that shows the long aging. This Cava has small and continuous bubbles. This Freixenet Ferrer Can Sala wine is complex and clean tertiary aromas. Fresh, clean and showing good acidity and fruitiness with a powerful ripen fruit, toast and French bakery flavors. The Can Sala Cava has a very long and velvety after-mouth with plenty of honey and butter notes.

The first of the Ferrer’s arrived to La Freixeneda in 1616, for 500 years they have been farming the lands and growing vines. In 1861, The SALA´S began producing wines: Can Sala brand with 160 years of winemaking expertise. Ferrer Sala’s family founded Freixenet. Today the largest sparkling wine company in the world.

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