Margalit Cabernet Franc 2020 750ml


Tasting Notes: The Margalit Cabernet Franc wine is known for its complex flavors, featuring notes of ripe blackberries, cherries, and plums, complemented by hints of herbs such as thyme and sage. You may also notice subtle notes of tobacco, cedar, and baking spices, adding complexity to the wine. Its medium to full body is supported by smooth, integrated tannins, leading to a lingering finish with a touch of acidity that enhances its overall balance and structure. 

Food Pairing: Pairs well with a variety of dishes, including grilled lamb chops, roasted duck, mushroom risotto, and aged cheeses like Gouda or Manchego. Its bold flavors and structured tannins complement rich and savory dishes, while its acidity can cut through fatty meats and creamy sauces.

ABV: 14% / Varieties: Cabernet Franc 90% / Cab. Sauvignon 7% / Merlot 3% / Origin: Israel

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