Bitburger Braugruppe

Benediktiner Weissbier Naturtrub 500ml


The full wheaty taste of Benediktiner Weissbier is complemented by a bright amber colour, uniform opacity and a light foam head with extra-fine bubbles.

All the while balancing a gentle tingling and citrusy effervescence, this is specialty beer at its most expressive.

Tasting: Smooth and refreshing wheat beer that’s full of elegance whilst still packing a punch. Lemony effervescence with a light tingle. The full-flavoured taste combines an exciting freshness and malty sweetness with mild bitter notes of orange peel, mountain herbs and subtle roasted notes.

Nose: Dry yet sweet on the nose, with hints of dark honey and ripe cereal grains, all the while having zesty notes of orange peel, clove, mountain herbs and hops.

Appearance: Opaque appearance with a honey-like golden orange colour, and a lasting white foam head with extra-fine bubbles.

ABV: 5.4% / Variety: Full Beer / Origin: Germany

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