Nagahama Distillery Japan

Amahagan World Malt Whisky Edition No. 5 700ml


Produced by Nagahama distillery, Amahagan Edition N°5 Sherry Wood Finish is the fifth whisky of the World Malts series made of blends of new malts distilled on the spot in Japan with whiskies of malts imported from abroad. This first series of whisky was named Amahagan in homage to the name of the Nagahama distillery read from right to left.

Amahagan Edition N°5 Sherry Wood Finish expresses a complex profile from the opening of the bottle with fruity notes of citrus, apple and ripe fruit, greedy notes of brown sugar. On the palate during tasting, gourmet aromas emerge with notes of strawberry jam, maple syrup and raisins. On the finish, it will leave behind spicy and vinous notes typical of sherry cask aged whiskies. 

Alcohol: 47% / Volume: 70 cl / Type of Cask: Bourbon

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