Nagahama Distillery Japan

Amahagan Single Malt The First Batch 50% 500ml


Nagahama Single Malt The First Batch is a whisky with an elegant and malty profile that hints at the typical characteristics that will be expressed through future editions of the distillery.

Its very expressive nose is marked by numerous fruity notes of apple, persimmon and ripe fruit, accompanied by vanilla and gourmet notes such as coconut and caramel. During the tasting a great sweetness takes hold of the palate with aromas of cookies mixed with fruity aromas of dried apricot and grape. In the finish, a slight bitterness highlights the tannins of the wood, sublimating the retro olfaction.

Alcohol: 50% / Volume: 50 cl / Type of Cask: Bourbon - Islay Quarter - Sherry - Mizunara

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