Fonseca Vintage 2017 750ml

Tasting Notes: 

A narrow magenta rim around a purple-black core. The nose opens with an explosion of dense, juicy berries, mixed with fresher, more vibrant red berry aromas. A schisty minerality keeps this lush fruitiness in evidence. At this stage, the nose is still reserved and discreetly aromatic, revealing leafy balsamic fragrances and notes of sawed cedar wood.

The first impression on the palate and nose is of dense and very concentrated fruit, which meanwhile explodes on the palate and persists on the long finish. The texture is enveloping and velvety, but the taut, robust tannins and crisp, continuous acidity provide firmness and structure. The complex, layered fruit typical of Fonseca dominates this massive, powerful wine.

Food Pairing: Walnuts are an excellent accompaniment to Vintage Port, as are blue-veined and other richly flavored cheeses. So too are dried fruits such as apricots or figs. Alternatively, simply savor the rich and complex flavors of the wine on their own in a generously proportioned glass with good company.

ABV: 20% / Variety: Port Blend / Country: Portugal

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