5 Top Wine Choices for Christmas Dinner

What are the top wine choices for Christmas dinner?

  1. Guntrum Royal Blue Riesling 2021
  2. Marques De Murrieta Reserva 2018
  3. Wente Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
  4. Gossips Sweet Lips Pink Moscato
  5. Montes Alpha Pinot Noir 2020


  • Wine at Christmas dinner enhances the festive spirit, elevates the meal's enjoyment, and fosters a sense of celebration, sharing, and togetherness, adding joy to the occasion.
  • In this list, we provide you with a list of different wines you can enjoy depending on what you’ll be having.

As the holiday season draws near, there's an undeniable air of shared anticipation, particularly when it comes to the heart of the much-anticipated Christmas dinner. Beyond the culinary delights laid out on the table — be it succulent ham or perhaps the tantalizing aromas of pork or a hearty steak — it's the selection of wines that possess the magic to elevate this cherished moment.

In this article, we'll list a carefully curated list of wines for Christmas dinner, each tailored to elevate your Christmas and infuse it with an unforgettable, flavor-enhancing magic.

Guntrum Royal Blue Riesling 2021

Guntrum Royal Blue Riesling 2021 offers a fantastic choice for families seeking diverse flavors during Noche Buena. With its fusion of tropical fruit aromas including green apples, citrus, pineapple, and melon, this wine harmonizes well with the array of festive Christmas dishes.

Balanced in sweetness and acidity, it brilliantly enhances various holiday meals, from succulent holiday sweet ham to robust steak or zesty Asian spicy cuisine. Its versatility perfectly complements the diverse flavors typically relished during Christmas celebrations, making it a delightful accompaniment to the festive feast.

Marques De Murrieta Reserva 2018

5 Top Wine Choices for Christmas Dinner

For wine enthusiasts seeking a well-aged classic, the Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2018 is an ideal choice for the holiday table. This versatile wine harmonizes wonderfully with a range of dishes such as roasted meats which are a delightful complement to the diverse flavors found in traditional Filipino Christmas feasts.

Exuding refined aromas of plums, blueberries, and redcurrants, this wine showcases a profile of spices, floral nuances, and balsamic touches, a hallmark of the Ygay Estate. Its palate offers succulence, roundness, and impeccable balance, rendering it a robust wine with significant aging potential, promising a memorable addition to your menu.

Wente Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

The Cabernet Sauvignon, revered for its depth and complexity, stands as a classic choice for Christmas dinner gatherings among red wine enthusiasts. While its robust flavors and pronounced tannins may pose a challenge to beginners, it serves as a gateway to exploring the diverse world of red wines when approached gradually and openly.

This wine's bold character, brimming with rich red fruit flavors and hints of spices, marries beautifully with hearty Christmas dishes like roast beef, lamb, and savory stews. Its intensity perfectly complements festive flavors, making it an ideal match for the holiday table.

Take, for example, the Wente Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. This wine exhibits a seamless blend of dried cranberry, black pepper, and cassis aromas, accompanied by subtle notes of cedar and grilled plum. With its well-balanced profile, rounded tannins, and nuanced finish, it presents an exceptional choice for those seeking a structured and flavorful wine for their celebrations.

Gossips Sweet Lips Pink Moscato

Gossips Sweet Lips Pink Moscato

Gossips Sweet Lips Pink Moscato is the perfect choice for concluding your Noche Buena on a sweet and vibrant note. Ideal for enthusiasts favoring fruitier, slightly effervescent wines, this Moscato offers a gentle sweetness and a lively aroma. With delightful notes of strawberries, citrus, and ripe red cherries, it caters to those seeking a light, refreshing, and beginner-friendly drinking experience.

This wine embodies a vibrant essence with its delicate sweetness and harmonious balance of fruity flavors. Bursting with ripe red cherries, fresh strawberries, and juicy watermelon, it presents a light effervescence that accentuates its refreshing qualities.

Best served as an aperitif, it perfectly complements light, fruity desserts, making it a delightful conclusion to your evening.

Montes Alpha Pinot Noir 2020

Pinot Noir garners immense appeal among wine enthusiasts for its versatile nature and intricate flavors. It caters to those who appreciate its silky texture, nuanced aromas of red fruits, subtle earthiness, and delicately enduring finish. The wine's adaptability in complementing various cuisines further heightens its popularity among food enthusiasts.

Montes Alpha Pinot Noir 2020 is an ideal choice, especially for families reveling in Italian flavors like pesto, mushroom risotto, and bruschetta. This crowd-pleaser exhibits a beautiful balance, boasting a light to medium body coupled with vibrant acidity. The aroma evokes fresh wild fruits and tart plums, interwoven with forest-floor notes and floral hints. Its subtle aging in lightly toasted French oak imparts a delightful sweet, spicy edge reminiscent of pastry, underscored by nuances of vanilla, nutmeg, and jam.

Key Takeaway

Wine adds a delightful touch to the holidays, transforming the meal into a memorable celebration. Our top wine choices for Christmas dinner enhance the sensory experience, fostering moments of joy and cheer as you share a toast and create cherished memories during this special occasion.

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