5 Perfect Wines To Pair With Fish


What are the best wine and fish pairings ideas?

  1. Provetto Spumante Rosado Secco with Smoked Salmon
  2. Montes Alpha Pinot Noir with Freshwater Fish
  3. Cap Royal Bordeaux Blanc with Fish Salad
  4. KWV Classic Collection Moscato with Spicy Fish
  5. Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc with Mild White Fish

When planning for a dinner menu that incorporates wine and fish, there are many optional combinations at are just as delicious and complex to our taste. You can even include your personal combinations! It has always been a deal that a white fish is only for white whine, but no. Now’s the time to go beyond and consider the colors of wine offerings paired with delicious fish to place on your dinner table.

This blog helps you with the wine and fish pairing for a perfect, delicious, and elegant meal.

Tips for wine pairings with fish

Consider the type of fish. There are lots of types of both wine and fish available! Assess the type of fish you enjoy when picking a wine for the best meal.

Combine the wine and the sauce. Don't just think about the fish you'd like to eat. Consider the sauces of the dish as well.

Contrast can be flavorful. There are a lot of "pairing" wine and fish dishes. However, don't forget that contrast can be delicious, too!

Red wine should not be dismissed. Fish pairs better with white wine. However, saying that fish should never be paired with red wine is false. Try to experience another delish pairing with red wine!

It is acceptable to have joy. What's the big deal? Eating out and drinking wine should be a delightful experience. It's perfectly acceptable to have joy!

Taste the flavorful profiles of different wines to experiment with different pairings with fish! To get started, let’s have a short read about the best wine pairings with fish.

Provetto Spumante Rosado Secco with Smoked Salmon

Provetto Spumante Rosado Secco with Smoked Salmon

Wine price: ₱395

Provetto Spumante Rosado Secco is known for its delicious sparkling taste made from selected grapes. A wine that’s ideal to share with friends to celebrate a day or night. To enjoy more of this wine, this is best to pair it with seafood dishes such as smoked salmon. 

Prepare our Provetto Spumante Secc with smoked salmon topped with herbs and salad for that aromatic, fruitful, and exotic taste. With its sweet texture and moderate acidity, it compliments well with smoked salmon since the dish needs no further cooking. 

Montes Alpha Pinot Noir with Freshwater Fish

Wine price: ₱1,500

The ruby-red color of our Montes Alpha Pinot Noir shows great character and compatibility with a trout fish that has meaty flesh. It should be side served with a tomato sauce. With the right fish, the more complex tastes of a food Pinot Noir can be brought out with its contrasting mixture of spicy French oak and sweet vanilla, nutmeg, and jam. This pair is a perfectly balanced meal at night.

Cap Royal Bordeaux Blanc with Fish Salad

Cap Royal Bordeaux Blanc with Fish Salad

Wine price: ₱1,050

Cap Royal Bordeaux Blanc has a zesty, citrusy 100% Sauvignon taste that’s perfect for a fish salad. With its mouthful of tropical fruit, it compliments the sweet potatoes and basil that are included in the fish salad. Also, the fish should be skinless so that it would sip the taste of our delicious wine. 

Cap Royal Blanc is a zesty, citrusy 100% Sauvignon Blanc from the Bordeaux wine region. This is a bone-dry Sauvignon Blanc with a mouthful of tropical fruit, blanched almond, and citrus zest creamy on the palate. Excellent value. Chill and pour with all things seafood. A perfect balance of white skinless fish and vegetables and our Cap Royal Blanc will leave a delicious taste and crisp texture in your mouth.

KWV Classic Collection Moscato with Spicy Fish

Wine price: ₱650

Our aromatic Moscato accentuates the floral and peach aromas that are best for spicy fish dishes. Low in alcohol, sweet, and a bit fizzy, Moscato is known to be sipped with a sweet aftertaste. So, it’s a perfect pair for a spicy fish dish like tilapia. After savoring a spicy tilapia fish, a taste of our Moscato gives you that pleasurable flavor of sweet vanilla. The edgy feeling of our wine balances the spiciness. 

You can enjoy the KWV Classic Collection Moscato with any spicy fish dish, and this is best when served slightly chilled.

Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc with Mild White Fish

Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc with Mild White Fish

Wine price: ₱625

One of the most delicious wines ever known, our Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc has a punchy varietal zest that people love. The grapes used were picked in the coolest part of the evening for ultimate flavor extraction. This wine with a good balance of taste pairs best with a mild, flaky white fish. You can bake or broil the fish for simple cooking with the best result. Add some herbs such as basil or dill to the dish. This pair will bring out the crisp and brisk flavor of our Sauvignon Blanc. 

Key Takeaway

Wines have always been best to pair with fish dishes. But, a delicious wine can bring out the taste of your fish dish. So, to further help you with which combinations work best for your wine and fish pairing, visit Ralph's Wines & Spirits online store now! We offer you a wide range of wine in the Philippines.


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