A Guide to Moscato Wine

What is Moscato wine? 

  1. It is a medium and low-acidity wine from Muscat Grapes
  2. It originated in Italy
  3. It has a sweet, perfumed, and fruity taste
  4. There are 5 popular styles available
  5. It has a variety of excellent food pairings

Wines vary not only in color but also in their taste and acidity levels. For those starting, it may be difficult to enjoy stronger flavors of wine. So, it’s best to start with sweeter variants, like Moscato wine. 

But, what is Moscato wine? This article provides readers with an overview of this sweet wine that many enjoy all over the world. Keep reading to learn more!

It is a medium and low-acidity wine from Muscat Grapes

Moscato wine is a wine that originated in Italy from Muscat grapes. These are one of the oldest varieties of grapes available in many parts of the world like Australia and South America. 

This wine has medium to low acidity. It is also known for its sweet flavors. Most Moscato wine has hints of orange blossom and peach. This wine also has low alcohol content compared to other sparkling wines available on the market. 

Through the years, different forms of Moscato wine have emerged. Each kind of wine has its flavors depending on where the wine was made. 

It originated in Italy

Some say that the Muscat grape originated from Ancient Egypt, but these grapes thrive best in Italy’s Mediterranean climate. You’ll be able to find vineyards of this across the peninsula like in Pantelleria and Sicily. 

As mentioned above, the flavor of Moscato wine changed depending on where the grape was harvested. This is still the case for different areas of Europe, making each bottle of wine unique in its way. 

The Muscat grape can also be grown in different wine regions like France and Spain. In recent years, Moscato wine has grown popular in Australia, where they produce their version of this sweet wine. 

It has a sweet, perfumed, and fruity taste

Moscato wine is the exact opposite of the popular Sauvignon Blanc. This wine has strong fruit flavors that are perfumed but sweet. This wine is made from different Muscat varieties, which create different types of Moscato wine — sparkling, stilled, and many more!

Muscat varieties in general have a sweet taste and low acidity. This sweetness is the signature taste of all kinds of Moscato wine. When poured a glass of this wine, take a sip and notice the fruity flavors of either peach, citrus, or apricot. There will also be hints of rose petals and other floral notes, depending on its manufacturer. 

There are 5 popular styles available

There are 5 popular styles available

With the presence of Muscat wines all over the world, there are also different kinds of Moscato wines available. Each wine region has its distinct flavor as well. 

Here are some of the most popular Moscato styles available:

Still Moscato

These are Moscato wines that are not sparkling. It can be made from either the Muscat d'Alexandrie or Blanc. Still Moscato wine is characterized by its dry taste, but still sweet and aromatic. One excellent example of this wine is our KWV Classic Collection Moscato!

Sparkling Moscato

Many Italian Moscato wines are known to be sparkling like the Moscato d’Asti, a semi-sparkling variety, and the Asti Supanet, a true sparkling Moscato. 

These are the most common types of Moscato wine made all over the world. They are known for their very sweet and aromatic flavors with a good balance of acidity to them. The bubble provides it with a clean and crisp finish. 

Pink Moscato

Many winemakers have tweaked the classic Moscato style by adding a bit of aesthetic and color to it, thus creating the Pink Moscato. One of the most popular Pink Moscato wines available is the Gossips Sweet Lips Pink Moscato

It still has the same sweet flavors of Moscato wine, but Merlot is added to it for its signature pink color. It combines the grape and strawberry flavors that many still enjoy. 

Red Moscato

Of the five mentioned styles, Red Moscato may just be the hardest one to come by. The grapes used here are called the Schiava and the Muscat of Alexandria. This wine has many flavors present such as rose petals, Assam black tea, and raspberry. 

Moscato Dessert Wines

Many may find the Moscato d’Asti can already be very sweet, but there are sweeter variants available called Moscato Dessert Wines, like our Yalumba Museum Muscat.

Each region has its take on Moscato Dessert wines.  For example, in Portugal, they have Moscatel de Setúbal, a wine made of rare Moxo Grapes. On the other hand, Spain has caramel-flavored Moscato wine called the Moscatel Sherry. 

It has a variety of excellent food pairings

It has a variety of excellent food pairings

Moscato wine is best paired with varieties of Asian food, especially spicy dishes. The low alcohol levels and sweetness in this wine can balance out the spice in Vietnamese and Thai food. 

This wine also goes great with charcuterie boards of prosciutto, salami, jamón ibérico, and creamy brie cheese! 

It can also be enjoyed with several spices like cinnamon, ginger, and chile peppers. For meat lovers, Moscato wine is best paired with lighter food like flaky fish or chicken. 

Key Takeaway

Now that you know what Moscato wine is, you can enjoy it on your next wine night with friends! This article provided you with different styles you can try as well as some tips on what food it’s best enjoyed with. 

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