Beer 101: 8 Types of Beer You Need to Know

What are the different types of beer? 

  1. Lager
  2. Pale Ale
  3. Pilsner
  4. Ipa
  5. Stout Beer
  6. Porter
  7. Wheat
  8. Sour Ale

With so many types of beer available in bars and pubs, it can be dizzying to keep up with its differences in tastes and even looks. It’s still ideal to know about the different categories and subcategories that beer has to offer. So, the next time you go to your local watering hole, you’ll know what beer to order!

In this article, we cover the most popular types of beers, their tastes, and how they are brewed. 



Lager is a good entry point if you’re just starting out with beers. 

This type of beer is characterized by its light taste that is both mellow and smooth when drunk. It also has little amounts of malt. During its fermentation, it stays in lower temperatures for a long time where bottom-fermenting yeasts take action. 

This light, crisp beer is popular in many European countries like the Netherlands and Germany. 

Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Among the different types of beer, Pale Ale beers are hop-forward with a malty flavor. Compared to IPA’s, it has a lower alcohol content. You’ll observe that Pale Ale beers also have a golden to amber color. To get its malty and bitter taste, it requires top-fermenting ale yeast. 

Pale Ale originated in England in 1703 in Burton-on-Trent. Soon after, it caught the attention of many Americans as well. The original British Pale Ale includes both bitter and extra-special bitter beers. Despite its malty taste, drinkers can still catch woody or floral hops in the drink.


Originating in the Czech Republic, Pilsner is categorized as a lager. It’s known for its sweet malty flavor with a distinct bitterness and hop. 

The most popular pilsner is the German pilsner, a pale gold-colored beer. When you drink it, you can’t help but notice how clean and refreshing its flavor is. 

When you’re comparing this to the Czech pilsners, you’ll notice a distinct difference in both color and taste. Its Czech counterpart has a darker color. In taste, this pilsner has toasted biscuits and less sweet flavors present. 

Despite their different tastes, both beers are brewed and fermented the same way. Both types are fermented in cool temperatures and go through cold maturation, meaning they are stored just above freezing point. 


India Pale Ales, or IPA, has many styles of beer under its name. All of these styles are characterized by their hops and citrus, herbal, or fruity flavors. As you encounter different kinds of IPA, you’ll see that they have diverse flavors. Some can be bitter, while others have a pure citrus taste. 

Take the Rydeen IPA, for example. This Japanese beer has a dry and bitter finish. However, you’ll still be able to taste the subtle flavors of the beer. 

If you’re just discovering craft beer, you can try the different styles of IPA. It introduces you to the flavors and hops you’ll find in many types of beers. 

Stout Beer

Stout Beer


Don’t get intimidated by the dark colors of Stout Beer. Underneath that color is a sweet flavor brought by unfermented sugars that offset the known bitter taste of beer. 

Stout Beer is described to be a sweet slightly roasted full-bodied ale. It can easily remind you of your morning shot of sweetened espresso. 

Like other beers, its taste can still differ depending on where it was brewed. You’ll find that sweeter and less bitter Stout beers can be found in England and Ireland. However, Stout beers brewed in America are known for their hoppy and bitter flavors. They offer a similar taste to both coffee and dark chocolate, but with high malt flavors. 


Like Stout beers, Porter is another dark-colored beer. During brewing, this beer relies on a pale malt base that is enhanced by a dark malt. They usually have deep ruby and black colors with chocolate and caramel flavors.

English Brown Porter contains a lot of the original characteristics of Porter beer. On the nose, you’ll taste notes of roasted grains, toffee, and chocolate. It may contain undertones of sweet licorice. As you drink Porter, you’ll notice its thin texture and almost no butter notes. 



The best beer for kicking back during the summer holidays, wheat beer is best known for its light and citrus notes. This beer has wheat as its main malt ingredient. This gives the beer its light color. 

When produced in the US, most wheat beers have the doughy and cracker-like malt that extends to their flavors. On the other hand, European wheat beers contain more tangy flavors. This is common among Belgian wheat beers. 

Sour Ale

From its name, you can already guess that Sour Ale beer is known for its distinct sour or tarty taste. When combined with fruity notes of raspberry, peach, and cherry, a perfect balance between sour and sweet is created. 

During brewing, Sour Ale uses wild bacteria to get its tarty yet crispy flavors.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know the different types of beer, it’s time to find the flavors that you like best. There are many kinds for you to choose from - sweet, tangy, and even citrus! You’ll find that each type of beer offers its distinct sets of flavors despite similar brewing and fermentation methods. 

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