7 Delicious Oktoberfest Food Pairings for Sapporo Beer

What are Oktoberfest food pairings that go with Sapporo?

  1. Brathendl
  2. Bratkartoffeln
  3. Bagnet
  4. Sisig
  5. Beef Salpicao
  6. Koji Box
  7. Inihaw na Pusit


Oktoberfest — the popular yearly festival known for its feasts of beers and fine German foods. Though the celebrations for 2021 have officially been canceled (for the second year in a row, sadly), we’ve included some recipes for great Oktoberfest food pairings for your Sapporo beer so you can enjoy the spirit of this event even at home.

While you normally would associate the beer with Japanese cuisine, Sapporo goes with just about anything — especially rich dishes. It’s smooth, crisp, and refreshing, which is perfect for the typical Oktoberfest flavor-heavy dishes. Interested? Then we highly recommend mixing it up with some Sapporo and having it with the following dishes:




Let’s start with a pairing that leans towards a more traditional, German-centric Oktoberfest. When we talk about staples, then we have to include Brathendl. This spit-roasted half chicken is easily one of the most popular meals to have while at an Oktoberfest feast. When you order a Brathendl, you know that you’re getting a delicious and moist half roast chicken with crispy skin. It’s an Oktoberfest dish that you can have with a few beers without feeling completely stuffed. Plus, it’s pretty similar to our Lechon Manok, so you and your friends are sure to enjoy this one! So, get some chicken and prepare it for your Oktoberfest feast following this recipe.



What better to go with your Brathendl than some Bratkartoffeln? Similar to pan-fried cottage potatoes, this recipe is widely popular in beer houses around Germany for all the right reasons. They’re a rich appetizer made from crispy potatoes, thick-cut bacon, and some nice aromatic seasoning. You can enjoy these potatoes and bacon with some Sapporo beer, either as-is or on the side of your roasted and fried dishes (other than your Brathendl). If you’re interested in adding this dish to your spread, you can find the recipe for it here.



Moving on to more local tastes, we highly recommend frying up some Bagnet and cracking open a Sapporo beer for your Oktoberfest feast. Bagnet is an Ilocano recipe, which is known for its strong, sharp flavors and vivid colors. Bagnet is their take on a traditional pork dish (Lechon Kawali), and it is considered one of the top foods to have with beer. The recipe is fairly simple — a thick-cut slab of pork belly, boiled then deep-fried thrice. This scrumptious dish is served with vinegar with chili, or bagoong alamang (fermented fish sauce). Some Sapporo beer, with its light crisp bite, is perfect for cutting through the juiciness and richness of the pork and sauce.




Another long-standing favorite around the Philippines, Sisig is arguably the best pulutan meal out there. It’s a staple in menus of different bars and restaurants that offer alcohol. As an event that focuses on enjoying good food, a localized Oktoberfest list would be incomplete without sisig. This glorious dish is all about pork, vinegar, and onions. For some kick, many people also enjoy seasoning their sizzling plate of pork with some calamansi and sili. Simple but satisfying. Enjoy this dish this Oktoberfest with a beer that perfectly contrasts the savory, saltiness, and sourness of the sisig with its refreshing and slightly sweet taste — Sapporo.


Beef Salpicao

When you think of a feast, what comes to mind? For some people, extravagance is at the forefront — the finest of steaks, freshest of seafood, with piles of expensive herbs and spices. But when it comes to an Oktoberfest feast, serving up filling and comforting food is the goal. And when it comes to local food, the homey and flavorful Beef Salpicao is one of the most enjoyable ones. Warm, saucy, and rich, this recipe only calls for an assortment of everyday ingredients to whip up one of the best comfort foods of all time. Prepare this, and serve with a tall glass of cold Sapporo, and you’ll find that they come together to make something extraordinary.


Koji Box

Koji Box 2
Koji Box 1


What better way to enjoy some good Japanese beer than with some Japanese classics? As a brew with a crisp, clean taste, Sapporo beer is perfectly suited with seafood. This effect is even more pronounced when paired with fresh, raw dishes. The soft, mild texture and mild tastes of seafood become enhanced with the light dryness of the beer. If you’re interested in getting a generous array of sashimi, sushi, and hand-rolled rice and nori bites, order the Koji Box here for your Oktoberfest feast. Each box is made using the freshest and finest seafood ingredients to be found — perfect for your Sapporo beer!


Inihaw na Pusit

Inihaw na Pusit

If you’re planning an intimate celebration for this Oktoberfest, then you have to serve up some seafood. And when it comes to seafood, Inihaw na Pusit is always present in Filipino gatherings. While squid is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed stewed, fried, and dried, we recommend grilling it for your meal. Squid meat will become tender and flavorful when cooked over medium heat, following this recipe. A true delicacy, a sip of your Sapporo beer can enhance the umami and smoky taste of your Inihaw na Pusit.


Key Takeaway

Oktoberfest isn’t just about the fair attractions and the festivities — it’s also about the food you eat. And when we talk about Oktoberfest, it wouldn’t be complete without some great beer to go along with your feast. So while preparing to celebrate this event at home, stock up on some beer from the top provider of spirits here in the PhilippinesRalph’s Wines & Spirits. Make one or two of these classic recipes and enjoy them at home. These warm, hearty dishes are the perfect Sapporo beer food pairings for this Oktoberfest 2021.