5 Common Mistakes In Storing Wine and Spirits

What are common mistakes in storing wine and spirits?

  1. Storing wine in the refrigerator 
  2. Storing wine above the refrigerator 
  3. Not cleaning your wine storage
  4. Storing bottles upright
  5. Placing wine carts near the windows 

Under no circumstances will you want your wine and spirits to go bad. Whether you have 3 bottles or 20, the wine still needs to be stored in a proper place and at a proper temperature.

There are many common mistakes in storing wines and spirits. Check to see if you’ve been committing these at home. These are usually the culprits in your wine going bad too early. 

To enjoy all your bottles of wine for a long time, read on to learn what you’re not supposed to do with your favorite wines and spirits. 

Storing wine in the refrigerator

The refrigerator is not the proper place to store wines and spirits. It’s common to think that it can be the right place for storage because of its cold temperature, but it isn’t. The cold can stunt the aging process of the wine, affecting its taste. 

The cold temperature can also affect the wine bottle’s cork. When left in the refrigerator, the cork will dry up because the temperature removes the humidity in it as it cools. A dried-up cork will result in musty-tasting wine. 

When dealing with wines and spirits, it’s best to use the refrigerator to bring it down to service temperature. Chill your wine in a place that has low direct sunlight, cool and table temperature, and low vibrations. 

Storing wine above the refrigerator 

The top of your refrigerator is also not the proper place to store your wine. It can seem like a convenient place to store your wine, but the conditions in that area are not ideal. 

Once the wine is processed, the bottle should no longer be exposed to vibrations and shaking. The refrigerator gives off vibrations - its compressor cycles, the ice maker, and the water dispenser cause plenty of vibrations. When exposed to this, it can affect its taste and aging process.

Aside from vibrations, the refrigerator also gives off heat. The interior of the refrigerator is kept cool, so it results in the outside being warm because of how hard its parts are working. That heat can also affect the taste of your wine. 

The top of the refrigerator may also be near the light bulbs on the ceiling. This may not be the case for all homes, but if it is, wine left there will also be exposed to heat. Lightbulbs give off a lot of heat as well, causing the wine to age prematurely. 

Not cleaning your wine storage

Not cleaning your wine storage

Just like any part of your home, your wine storage must be cleaned regularly. Dust, dirt, and other forms of debris may accumulate over time. If left unnoticed, the wine will get affected by the mold and mildew that may build up. 

Whether you keeping your wine in the basement, wine cellar, or wine chiller, you should clean it at least once a month. Use a soft cloth or brush to dust off the dirt and dust of its container and bottles. 

Storing bottles upright

Storing bottles upright

It may be tempting to store your wine upright because it’s the easiest way to see its labels and it’s definitely another way for you to admire your collection. However, it’s recommended for wine to be stored on its side. 

You may see convenience stores, groceries, and shop store wine upright. They are able to get away with this because it’ll stay that way for only a few weeks or even days. It’s okay to keep wine upright for a few days, but for long time storage, keep it on its side. 

When you leave the bottle upright, the liquid inside will not hit its cork. It’s important for the cork to remain moist to avoid musty tasty and smelling wine. Storing your wine on its side allows the wine to hit the cork, keeping the cork moist and the wine fresh. 

Placing wine carts near the windows

Sunlight and UV rays that come through the window do not have a good effect on your wine collection. Keep the bottles away from windows and natural light in order for it to age properly. 

As tempting as it can be to put your wine collection on display, the light and temperature by the window constantly fluctuate as it goes from day to night. Wine needs to be stored in a place with a consistent temperature and low light. 

If you don’t have a wine chiller, the ideal spaces for your wine collection are in the basement or in the closet. Think of this as a make-shift wine cellar. When you take a bottle out for guests, you can easily remove it from these spots and put it in the fridge before serving. 

Key Takeaway

Whether you have a collection of wine or only a few bottles, be sure to store them the right way. We’ve rounded up the common mistakes in storing wines and spirits. Many factors can affect its taste and aging, making it important for you to learn how to properly store them. This way you’ll be able to enjoy them once you pop them open. 

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