Christmas Wine Traditions Around The World

What are Christmas wine traditions around the world?

  1. Philippines
  2. France
  3. Spain
  4. Germany
  5. Argentina
  6. USA
  7. South Africa


  • Wine globally signifies joy, unity, and cultural richness, embodying shared values and communal bonds worldwide.
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Christmas and New Year's Eve bring along a festive frenzy filled with joyful gatherings and intimate celebrations. Surely, many of you have been stocking wine and sparkling beverages, all set for family dinners and toasts with friends.

We all have our special customs, but ever wondered how the world toasts this cheerful season? Amidst this tradition-rich occasion, it's fascinating to explore the global customs of holiday cheers. So, let's uncork this wanderlust and embark on a journey of the different Christmas wine traditions around the world.


Filipinos swap out standard wines to pair their Noche Buena feast with a native knockout - Coconut Wine, locally known as 'Tuba' or 'Lambanog'. This traditional tipple, sourced from coconut sap, refreshes one's palate alongside flavorful delicacies like ham-laden Paella and Puto Bumbong.

Lambanog has been embracing Filipino traditions for centuries, marking its significance in festive customs. It goes well with everything from the rich Lechon to the festive fruit salad, adding an extra layer of joy to Christmas celebrations and making everyone feel closer and prouder to our shared culture and traditions.



Unified by their shared love for wine, people across France heartily partake in Wassailing each winter, a lively tradition familiar in regions influenced historically by the Celts. Practicing wassailing involves gathering in vineyards during winter, symbolically asking vine spirits for a fruitful harvest. Participants passionately sing, make toasts, and celebrate in unison.

At its heart, the tradition of wassailing serves to strengthen local communities, reinforcing bonds between the French and their shared love for wine. Intertwining community, culture, and wine, France’s take on wassailing is about more than just a good harvest - it's a celebration of unity, history, and the beautiful intricacies of viticulture.


Spain's holiday charm is heightened by the tradition of savoring Cava, a quintessential Spanish sparkling wine born in Catalan vineyards. This effervescent delight enriches festive evenings with its crispness.

Originating as a creative solution to grape surplus, Cava has evolved into a cherished focal point of Spanish Christmas celebrations, showcasing the nation's imaginative spirit and deep cultural wine heritage.

At midnight, every Spanish household joyfully opens a Cava bottle, its bubbles echoing the tradition of eating grapes with each chime. This integral Christmas custom is a testament to Spain's effervescent culture and passion for wine.


The Feuerzangenbowle is an annual ritual etched in German culture since the 19th century. In this German tradition, a rum-soaked sugarloaf is set on fire above a bowl of mulled wine.

The sugarloaf, ablaze, sweetens the wine, crafting a spiced, aromatic drink that tantalizes the senses. More than a festive beverage, Germany's deep-rooted Feuerzangenbowle tradition is a multi-sensory spectacle, cherished for the fiery spectacle and the camaraderie it fosters.

Beyond its delightful taste and Christmas-scented air, it brings loved ones together, creating a warm, indoor haven against the winter chill. The Feuerzangenbowle isn't just a drink; it's a cherished part of German Christmas, embodying a fondness for heritage and togetherness.


Argentine Christmas is marked by the deep red hues of Malbec wine, symbolizing joy and togetherness. Families gather, toasting with this full-bodied treasure, embodying a celebration of kinship and Yuletide love.

This tradition uniquely blends Malbec into Argentine Christmas, uniting culture and festivity in each sip. Additionally, Argentina's status as the global leader in Malbec production reflects its rich history and the nation's authentic connection with this beloved wine.


Americans adore eggnog, a luscious blend of milk, sugar, whipped eggs, often spiced with cinnamon or nutmeg. Evolving with a festive twist of brandy, rum, or dessert wine, it transcends a winter treat to become a celebratory cocktail savored at holiday gatherings.

This creamy, rich drink has become an iconic part of American Christmas celebrations. It brings warmth and joy to festive gatherings, symbolizing America's mix of tradition and festivity. Whether it's served in sophisticated wine flutes in upscale Californian homes or old-fashioned glasses in suburban residences, drinking Eggnog on Christmas is a testament to America's diverse and unifying holiday traditions.

South Africa

South Africa

In South Africa, Christmas traditions take a unique turn adapting to the summer season. Despite the warm weather, locals embrace the European custom of enjoying mulled wine. A blend of red wine, citrus, and spices like cinnamon and clove, it's a reinvented tradition tailored for the balmy Christmas season.

By serving it chilled, South Africa harmonizes a winter tradition with their warm climate, showcasing their ability to adapt customs to their environment, and reinforcing their rich and pragmatic cultural heritage.

Key Takeaway

Each country boasts a unique way of toasting the festive season, embodying its vibrant traditions, shared values, and cultural nuance.

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